We are delighted to publish the second Retrieve Annual Report which you can read by clicking the image below.

In the past year, our service has gone from strength to strength and is now permanently and recurrently funded, ensuring it remains a key element of the South West’s clinical and operational networks. 

Retrieve received over 1,000 referrals and transferred 655 patients during the 21/22 year, with each transfer saving referring hospitals from sending clinical team members and also saving ambulance journeys. 

As we look forward as a service, we report on the quality of our service, recent developments and our future direction, including how we will move towards 24/7 operating and continue to support the training and education needs of the region to ensure that every critically ill or injured patient that requires transfer receives the best possible care.   

We published our first Annual Report in June 2021. You can read it by clicking here.